OmniaSST & µMPX

OmniaSST Audio Processing with optional µMPX

Omnia SST is sold bundled with an integrated µMPX encoder and a single µMPX™ decoder license. Additional µMPX™ decoder licenses are required to transport composite audio to more than one PC. Omnia SST may also be purchased as a standalone processor (no µMPX capability). Additionally, µMPX send/receive software may be purchased as standalone components using command line driven Windows applications. If ordering component µMPX applications, be certain to order both Encode and Decode licenses.

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Product no.: 3001-00070-000

Full-featured, professional software transforms Microsoft Windows broadcast PCs into high-end Omnia audio processors. Supports the Telos Alliance''s Omnia µMPX™ codec, a specialized codec purpose-built for FM radio that’s able to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a small 320kbps data pipe.

$1,595.00 *
Product no.: 3001-00085-100
Omnia SST standalone, without µMPX Encoding.
$1,095.00 *
Product no.: 3001-00071-100

Additional decoder license for OmniaSST bundle, or for use with stand alone µMPX Encoder

$395.00 *
Product no.: 3001-00086-100

µMPX Encoder, standalone license for command line utility only.

$395.00 *
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