Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) - In-One

Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) - In-One

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The Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) is the market leading high performance pro audio tool for creating content and monitoring in surround and 3D used e.g. in movies, music and game productions.

The SAD In-One module is a plug-in usable in any digital audio as well as video workstation. It enables the user to monitor on virtual stereo as well as surround speaker environments with standard headphones.

Instantaneous stereo, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 mix can be monitored on virtual speaker environments of well-known professional music as well as film mix studios. Of course this virtualization can be rendered as discrete audio stream or in the audio track of a video file.

Besides all this, the HEADPHONE SURROUND 3D™ technology of the SAD In-One opens the door into a complete new dimension of audio production. Format independent mixes with multiple speaker arrays, using all three dimensions at different distances and locations, can be created side by side or in one mix. Making music, film, radio-play and game mixes like they have never been heard before is now possible.
Available right now, with any headphones on any audio device in the world – because technically it is a two channel stereo format.

Platform: Win 7 or newer 32/64bit or Mac OS X 10.7x -10.9x or newer 32/64 bit. RTAS, AU, VST 2.4.

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