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AudioTools Voice

AudioTools Voice
Product no.: 3001-00336-000

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AudioTools Voice is a plugin designed for modern DAW’s, NLE's, and automation platforms for enhancing dialog intelligibility in television mixes or other post production work. AudioTools Voice is the first and only dialog intelligibility enhancement tool that draws viewer's attention to the human voice without adding gain, EQ or any other type of traditional signal processing. The first thing you will notice after AudioTools Voice is applied is that you don’t have to work as hard to understand the spoken word, or strain to comprehend dialog as it fights for attention against other elements in the mix. Drawing upon the results of significant research into how humans respond to, perceive, and process sound, AudioTools Voice allows the audience to more easily hear and concentrate on the spoken word within a mix. This provides dialog with the elusive and much sought-after sense of space by adding critical missing cues that our brains need to fully comprehend a signal as if were live and real. Dialog-only mono tracks should be processed individually with AudioTools Voice prior to mixing - this ensures that every piece of dialog gets a unique "fingerprint" - bringing out the clarity of the voice and improving comprehension in your mix as a whole. With a finalized multi-channel mix of 5.1-channels and beyond (archival or upmixed content), AudioTools Voice should be applied to the center channel. For mono and stereo tracks where the dialog is already mixed in with other sound elements, AudioTools Voice will still draw attention to the dialog and allow the spoken word to stand out, but the recommended practice when-ever possible is to process the dialog with AudioTools Voice prior to mixing. Available as 32/64bit AAX Real-time or AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools 10.3.6 - 2018.12 & Media Composer Family 8.1 or higher. 32/64bit VST 2.4 plug-in for VST hosts. iLok and iLok.com account required. Platform: Mac OS X 10.6.8 - 10.13, Windows 7 - 10. - ATVI