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Product no.: 3001-00324-000
The DROffline MkII File Analyzer measures and logs all mandated A/85 and R128 Loudness metrics, plus critical additional Loudness parameters for engineers working outside of broadcast. Reports on key metadata and file characteristics, and delivers comprehensive statistics and metadata logs to clients & downstream post–production. Fast, secure local background processing. In conjunction with DRMeter MkII (DRM2), drag & drop a file onto the DRM2 plug–in UI, and DRO2 generates a log for immediate inspection. • Measures & Logs: TP, Max. Momentary, Max. Short–term, Integrated Loudness, LRA, Min. PSR, DRi, SPPM, RMS • 24 bit WAV, BWF, AIFF & FLAC • 44.1 to 384 kHz - MDRO2

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