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Spatial Sound Card Pro (SSC) Stereo

Product no.: 3001-00130-000

The Spatial Sound Card App – Stereo is a software based, virtual sound card. It provides virtual speakers for stereo monitoring on computers or via external devices like digital audio converters (DACs) with standard headphones. Professional monitoring of audio content usually requires complex, high-quality speaker installations, for which both budget and space are needed. The Spatial Sound Card – Stereo enables monitoring of stereo standard headphone on the computer.

The Spatial Sound Card is a virtual sound card that is inserted between software, operating system and audio hardware. The room virtualizations originate from a constantly growing number of high end studios and dub stages like the ARRI Stage One, MSM Munich and others. The technology used in the SSC was used on major Blu-Ray releases (e.g. The Expendables I and II).

To optimize the virtualization the SSC provides parameters to customize the frequency curve of the used headphones. Presets for a lot of well-known headphone models are included, more will follow soon.

The Spatial Sound Card works with all applications that support audio output. These include media players like VLC and FLAC-Player as well as video and audio workstations. The SSC is recommended for high-end audio user, media professionals from the audio, video or games area as well as for agencies and companies with workstations that need high quality audio monitoring.


The Spatial Sound Card App (SSC) Stereo enables monitoring of stereo sources with a standard headphone on the computer. Includes 2 seats of SSTR. Platform: Win 7 or newer 32/64bit or Mac OS X 10.7 or newer 32/64 bit.


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Platform Mac + PC
Copy Protection / Dongle iLok USB-Dongle (not included) / iLok Account required
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